The Love Beyond Our Understanding

Dec 2025 - "The Love Beyond Our Understanding"

A beautiful painting of Jesus Christ with children of all races and cultures is a moving representation of unity and human diversity. It captures the beauty of inclusion and showcases the spiritual connection that transcends external differences. This painting evokes a feeling of love, peace, and harmony by illustrating the kindness and compassion of Jesus Christ towards all children, regardless of their ethnic or cultural background. It is a powerful reminder that we are all children of God and that faith and love can unite us beyond our differences.


Dic 2025 - "El amor más allá de nuestro entendimiento"

Una hermosa pintura de Jesucristo con niños de todas las razas y culturas es una representación conmovedora de la unidad y la diversidad humana. Captura la belleza de la inclusión y muestra la conexión espiritual que trasciende las diferencias externas. Esta pintura evoca un sentimiento de amor, paz y armonía al ilustrar la bondad y la compasión de Jesucristo hacia todos los niños, sin importar su origen étnico o cultural. Es un recordatorio poderoso de que todos somos hijos de Dios y que la fe y el amor pueden unirnos más allá de nuestras diferencias.




Garth Smith.  

"My wife Diane and I had the opportunity to be a part of John Zamudio's painting "Welcome Home". We were very excited to do this as we are both big fans of John's works. We sent John a few photographs of us together. We had a rough idea of what the painting would be, but neither of understood the impact we would feel as we opened the shipment of the finished print and saw ourselves depicted in such a beautiful setting, standing next to the Savior. It was humbling to imagine what it must really be like to stand next to Jesus Christ. John's painting carried such a spiritual much so that we chose to place the painting in our bedroom as a reminder that we are on a constant quest to be close to the Savior. Thank you, John, for your amazing talents that brings so much passion for Christ to the rest of the world." Garth Smith - LDS Pianist -


Christy Shepherd  

“John has been very pleasant to work with.  He is extremely talented and has amazing artistic vision.  His work is always very beautiful.  I highly recommend the experience of working with him!  You will be very pleased! “ . Christy Shepherd - Owner


Jessica Drew  

When the idea of being in a painting with Christ was presented to me, I was overjoyed! You see paintings of Him all the time and often don't know anyone else in them, to be able to be those people there with Him was an amazing thought! So, we (my husband and I ) talked about it, and thought what an amazing treasure it would be in our home to have. John was great to work with and communicated all the details very well. We are more than pleased with the end result, the details and the colors in our painting are phenomenal. We have it as the center of our home and will cherish it forever. Everyone who comes in and sees it asks how we did it! I am so grateful to John and his amazing talent for bringing this into our lives. Thank you! .. Jessica Drew. Utah  (Painting In Xpuhil)


Mandy Rady  

We were so grateful for the opportunity John gave us!! The thought of having your family in a painting on your wall with the Savior in it was honestly exciting and humbling really!! I love the painting and John is so amazing and has such a gift and talent for creating such a spiritual gift!! I know this painting has been a blessing and a real treasure in our home!! John was very professional through the whole process and kept us informed on the painting. He is a very kind and humble person which made us all feel very comfortable throughout the whole process! Thank you John for using the gift you were given!! .. Mandy Searle Rady Utah  (Painting In Xpuhil)